Seventeen Easy To Implement Ideas To Double Your Email List And Generate More Sales

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How safe would you feel going for a swim wearing a $30 million dollar bikini?
Susan Rosen designed this sensational bikini made exclusively from over 150 diamonds that leaves little to the imagination and a big hit to someone’s wallet.
If that’s not your style, Suzanne Said offers alternatives, such as one made from lettuce and for those less health conscious, one made of bacon (yes, really!)
Whatever you wear on holiday, research reveals that our happiest memories are those of our holidays and in this article, the last in a three part series, we’ll set up the activities, events and promotions that will activate those memories in your customers and double your sales.
Dr John Fotis of Bournemouth Univeristy has extensively studied consumer behavior on holiday selection and has created a model of how social media impacts the travel and holiday purchase.
One interesting chart from his PhD research gives you a good understanding of how your customer decides on where to buy from.