Start Up Business Ideas That Cost Under $2000 To Begin

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1. Affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is very simply about promoting products and serices you’re passionate about and getting a commission on every sale you make. There are millions of products and thousands of categories to promote and companies are very keen for you to be their affiliate for three reasons:

  1. It doesn’t cost them anything until you make a sale so it’s cheaper than their own marketing efforts and employing sales staff
  2. You already have a mailing list and your fans (subscribers) trust you to sell them products and services that are aligned to their needs
  3. Companies that have good margins and those who may need to keep inventory moving reach more customers when they choose the right affiliates.

In a nutshell, the affiliate uses their passion and understanding of a category of products and services by becoming the expert on the topic via their blog or website ( that is e-commerce enabled). Once they’ve built trust with their readers, the affiliate reviews different products and links a “Buy Now” button to the company that sells the product, which could be anyone from Amazon to Zappos. Every time a customer makes a purchase, a code that is embedded in your website and the company identifies you as the salesperson and you automatically get a commission on that sale.


There are many experts in setting up affiliate schemes but one of the best by far is Pat Flynn who runs a site called Smart Passive Income. He provides EVERYTHING you need to know about setting up and promoting your affiliate scheme to generate an income that makes it more of a business than a hobby. I’m not being endorsed in any way to recommend Pat but he’s streets ahead of anyone else in this field.

Check out these tips from Pat Flynn as you plan your affiliate business:

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Other useful information about affiliate programs comes from Darren Rowse of Problogger.

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