The Killer Disease Affecting Almost Every Travel Agent: How To Survive and Defeat It Forever

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Have you heard of a highly addictive illness that is striking down people working in travel businesses?
It’s called TADD.
It varies in seriousness from bouts of personality changes in most agents to more serious instances where all staff in a business are fatally affected.
(I doubt you know of TADD, because I just invented it).
It stands for Travel Agents Discount Disease.
The disease is imaginary but the symptoms are real.
It starts with desperation to get the customer’s booking at any cost because the travel agent has worked hard and doesn’t want to lose the sale.
I understand what this feels like. I owned a travel business.
I know the pain and frustration of losing a sale, especially if you’ve put in two or three days worth of hard work into it.
But the truth is, even with the discount, you might lose the sale anyway.
You might have lost it on price, but in reality, you lost it long before that.
It’s because you didn’t understand what motivates your customer, why she thinks differently today and what you have to do each time to make her buy.
If you have read my three part series, you’ll know what you have to do to get her business. You can get part one here, part two here and part three here.
But there’s still a massive problem.
Just knowing everything about your customer isn’t enough to make her buy.